In many games, collecting objects like coins is a fun way to score points. Here’s how you can set this up:

First Step: Set up scoring logic

Let’s set up the score so that the game starts with 0. Otherwise there won’t be any scores. Tap on the hamburger menu to the left. Go into “Game Rules” and toggle “Scores & Leaderboard”. Values below should be “Score Points”, “Score” and “Highest Score”. Exit and go back into the World Building.

Now you have two options: using pre-built objects that already have a pre-built behavior, or building that behavior from scratch.

Option 1: Using an Object with Pre-Built Behavior

To make it easier, we’ve added a function to the coin in the list of objects that already has the collection logic, so you don’t have to add the logic manually.

If you select an object that already has a point-collecting behavior built in, such as a coin, follow these steps:


Select Your Object

Choose an object, like a coin, which already has a collection behavior predefined. Place it in your game



Add the object to your game and conduct a playtest to see the behavior in action.

Option 2: Manually Adding Collection Behavior

To manually add collection behavior to an object, follow these steps:


Select your object


Set your Trigger

Opt for the “Player Touches Object” trigger and drag it into the behavior editor, setting it to activate when the player touches the object.


Add Score Action

In “Game Actions”, select “Add Score”. This action adds 1 point when the object is collected. Change the score value if needed by tapping on the [x] button and setting your preferred amount.


Add a special effect

Enhance the collection moment with a visual effect. Drag a “Play Particle Effect” block from the “Effects” section. Toggle the block and choose your desired effect from the list


Add a sound

For sound, pick the “Sound on Object” block in the “Effects” section, customizing the sound type, volume, and delay.


Destroy the object

To ensure the object disappears after being collected, from “Object Actions”, choose “Destroy Object”.



To ensure everything works, playtest your game!