Select your object


Set your Trigger

Drag the “Game Start” trigger block into the Behavior Editor. You can also select whatever other trigger you want.


Create a Loop

We want the object to move during the entire game. So in the “Controllers” section, select the loop “Infinitely” and drag it below the trigger.


Apply First Object Action

In “Object Action”, drag the “Move Towards” block and place it inside the “Infinitely” loop. Toggle the node and change the coordinates as you wish. For instance, change the X value to 5 to make the object move on the x axis from its current position. You can also customise the speed.


Apply Second Object Action

For the object to go back in its position, add another block “Move Towards” and apply the same value but negative for the object to resume its position (ie -5 on the x axis)



After setting up the movements, test your game to see how the object behaves and make adjustments for the perfect effect.