Making your objects teleport can add a lot of dynamism in your game. Here are the steps to do it!


Select your object


Set your Trigger

Decide what will trigger the behavior. In this case, we are using “Interaction” so the behavior will be triggered when the player interacts with the object.


Add Object Action

Go to the “Object Actions” section, select the “Set Object Position” block, and set the coordinates for the teleport. Alternatively, you can build a custom logic with further data by tapping on the “Position” number and, instead of typing something, selecting “Add Custom Graphs” at the bottom of your screen.


Build Your Custom Graph

On the right hand tab, go to the last of the Sources nodes and select “Object Sources”. Then, in the right-hand tap, go to “Operators”. Search for “Object Position”. Connect the three of them like the sequence below.


Select Where Your Object Will Teleport

On “Editor Object Sources” node, tap on the cube to the right and select the object you want to teleport your object to, and confirm the selection.



After setting up the movements, test your game to see how the object behaves and make adjustments for the perfect effect.