Transforming objects in your game world is a key part of the game design. Here’s how you can easily move, scale, and rotate your objects:

Moving Your Object

  1. Select the Object: tap on the object you want to move. You can hold the move button and move the object anywhere in the world. For more precise movements, you can use three gizmos - red, blue, and green. By tapping one of them, you can move the object along X-, Y, or Z-axis.
    • Blue Gizmo: Use the blue gizmo to move the object along the X-axis.
    • Green Gizmo: The green gizmo allows movement along the Y-axis.
    • Red Gizmo: With the red gizmo, you can move the object along the Z-axis.

Scaling Your Object

  • Using the Scale Slider: To scale your object, tap and hold the button with arrows. Slide it to the left to make the object smaller and to the right to make it bigger. ~~~~
  • Scaling in Three Dimensions: When scaling, the gizmos turn into squares, enabling you to scale the object along all three axes (X, Y, and Z).

Rotating Your Object

  • Activating Rotation Mode: Tap and hold the circular arrow to rotate your object along Y-axis.
  • Rotating in Three Dimensions: In rotation mode, the gizmos change to circles, allowing you to rotate the object around all three axes.