Enhancing the mood or environment of your game can be an important step in making the game ‘your own’ and impact significantly the player’s experience. Here’s how to do it:

Accessing and Using the Mood Device

  • Locating the Mood Device: Once in the game, find the mood device next to the player’s plate.
  • Exploring Preset Behaviors: Tap on the mood device to view a variety of pre-built behavior . You can select and modify these to alter your game’s backdrop.
  • Biomes: The game world includes four distinct biomes, each with unique mood switches:
    • Lava Zone
    • Forest Zone
    • Snow Zone
    • City Zone

Creating Custom Moods

You can create your own custom mood in addition to using presets.

  1. Select the Mood Device: Tap on the mood device or any object in the game.
  2. Open Details: Tap on “Details”.
  3. Add Behavior: Select “Add a Behavior”.
  4. Choose Trigger: For a mood that starts with the game, select “Game Starts” from the Trigger Section.
  5. Modify Player Environment: In the “Effects” section, under “Player Environment”, you can:
    • Set Player’s Sky: Choose horizon color, clouds, stars, and their intensity.
    • Set Horizon: Adjust the color of the horizon, sky intensity, and skyline.
    • Set Sun: Determine the time of day, sun intensity, and color.
    • Set Weather: Choose between Rain, Snow, Cyber Rain, and Cyber Rainbow.
    • Set Fog: Add fog and adjust its thickness.
    • Set Snow: To add a snow layer to the ground, adjust the snow amount.

Editing Tips for Moods

  • Use a Hex Color Picker: This tool helps visualize the backdrop colors more accurately.
  • Key Aspects to Consider: Focus on ‘intensity’ and ‘time of day’ to control the brightness and shadow effects in your backdrop.
  • Playtesting: Regularly test your game to see how the mood changes impact the overall experience.