What is a timer (or countdown)?

A “countdown” mechanic in game design refers to a mechanic that has a timer or a time limit, adding a sense of urgency and challenge to the game. For example, a countdown timer can be displayed on your Soba game to require the player to complete a task within a certain time, and if the timer reaches zero, it may trigger an ‘End Game’ node.

How to add a countdown to my game?


First Step


Second Step

Decide what will trigger the behavior. This could be an action like a collision, an interaction, or an event. Select a “Trigger” box and drag it into the editor.


Third Step

Navigate to the “Effects” section. Here, choose the countdown block you want your asset to perform when triggered. For example, you might select “Start Countdown” to create some sense of urgency after a player touches an object. You also have other countdown options, such as Stop, Adjust, Pause, and Resume. Trigger them to tweak your countdown mechanic needs!


Fourth Step

Exit the Behavior Editor, playtest and ensure it works as expected!

Make sure to add a ‘custom graph’ to your countdown block. This connects the countdown result with specific players in your game. The example below picks the ‘first player’ on the custom graph, meaning that only this player will be affected by the countdown.