There are two ways to make your players teleport across positions. One is using the teleport object, and the other is by using behavior editor. We’ll teach both ways in the information below.

Using the teleport object:

  1. Browse through the last category of objects.
  2. Find the teleport object and place it on your map.

  3. Move the teleports between the two different positions you want to teleport players across.

  4. Exit the creator mode and test it!

Using the behavior editor:


First Step


Second Step

Decide what will trigger the behavior. This could be an action like a collision or an interaction. Select a “Trigger” box and drag it into the editor.


Third Step

Navigate to the “Game Actions” section, select the ‘Set Player Position’ block, and set the coordinates for the checkpoint. You can also build custom logic with further data by tapping on the “Graph” button next to Position. Instead of typing something, select “Add Custom Graphs”. This example below will set the teleport position to an object in your game.


Fourth Step

Exit the Behavior Editor, playtest and ensure it works as expected!