How to add or deduct health from a player?


First Step


Second Step

Decide what will trigger the behavior. This could be an action like a collision, an interaction, or players entering a game. Select a “Trigger” box and drag it into the editor.


Third Step

To start, navigate to the “Game Actions” section. Here, select the “Set Maximum Health” node and set the maximum health players will have in your game.


Fourth Step

To adjust player health, start by adding a new Trigger. Then, in the “Game Actions” section, choose the “Increment Health” block. For instance, use ‘Increment Health’ to challenge players to manage their health for survival and success. You can even input a negative value, like “-100”, to reduce health. Other useful blocks include Kill Player, Increment Lives, Set Health, Set Maximum Lives, and Set Lives, allowing for diverse health mechanics customization in your game.


Fifth Step

Exit the Behavior Editor, playtest and ensure it works as expected!