What are game settings?

Game settings are your control panel for adjusting your game experience just the way you want! To open the menu, tap the orange icon on the top left corner of the screen.

There are a few different settings available:

  • Posting Settings: set a name and thumbnail to your game and publish it on Soba.
  • Multiplayer Settings:
    • Multiplayer mode: set whether your game can be played in multiplayer or singleplayer mode.
    • Lobby: decide if your game will feature a lobby screen before joining.
    • Min. players per game (only available if a lobby is activated): set the minimum players required to start the game (minimum of 2).
      • Important note: players cannot start the game until the minimum number of players enter the lobby.
    • Max. players per game: maximum number of players in your game at the same time.
  • Game Rules:
    • Time limit: define the maximum game duration in seconds, starting when the first player joins.
    • Scoreboard & Leaderboard:
      • Score type: Choose if the scoreboard is based on Score Points or Time. Use the respective blocks (”Set Score”, “Add Score”, “End Game For Player”, “End Game”) to adjust scoring mechanisms.
      • Refer to Leaderboard Settings for guidance on adjusting your leaderboards. 💡 You have to publish your game and play-test it from the discovery screen (not the play-test inside the creation mode) for the leaderboard to appear.