Game Templates are a great way to start creating your own game. Currently, we have the following templates:

Reach The End#Obby, #PlatformersGame Ends when Player Reaches the endEasy
Game Moods#Any GameExplore different moods you can set to your gameEasy
Obby#ObbyGame Ends when Player Reaches the end and provides a time-based scoreEasy
Collect All#CollectionGame end when all collectible items have been collectedEasy
Start from Scratch#Any GameNo logic, empty canvasHard
Battle Arena#ShooterShooter game where players are assigned into two teams. Game ends when the timer ends.Medium
Side Scroller#Obby, #PlatformersSidescroller game where game ends when Player reaches the end.Easy

We are constantly updating existing templates to include new mechanics with our behavior editor and features we release. Additionally, we are creating more templates to cover different game genres.