Below you can find all shortcuts and key commands that make working with Soba’s desktop app easier and quicker.

Camera Controls

Pan ForwardWWPans the camera forward
Pan LeftAAPans the camera to the left
Pan BackwardSSPans the camera backward
Pan RightDDPans the camera to the right
Pan DownQQPans the camera downward
Pan UpEEPans the camera upward
Increase Camera SpeedLShiftHold down the left shift key to pan the camera faster.
Changing Camera OrientationRMB + MouseRMB + MouseHold down right mouse button while moving the mouse to change the camera orientation.
Zoom InMouse Wheel Scroll UpMouse Wheel Scroll UpScroll the mouse wheel up to zoom in.
Zoom OutMouse Wheel Scroll DownMouse Wheel Scroll DownScroll the mouse wheel down to zoom out.

Selecting and Editing

DuplicateBackspace or Delete⌘ + DDuplicates an object.
DeleteBackspace or DeleteBackspace or DeleteDeletes an object.
Enable Multi SelectionLShiftHold down left shift to add or remove objects from selection.
Group/UngroupCtrl + G⌘ + GCreates and dissolves groups of objects.
UndoCtrl + Z⌘ + ZUndoes the last editing step.
RedoLShift + Ctrl + Z⇧ + ⌘ + ZRedoes the last editing step.
Unsnap From GridLShift + transform⇧ + transformHold down shift while moving, scaling or rotating an object to unsnap it from the grid.
Toggle Object DetailsSpaceSpaceUse space key to show or hide the object details.
Copy BehaviorsCtrl + C + Hover on Behavior⌘ + C + Hover on BehaviorUse the shortcut and hover the mouse over the behavior in the object details to copy it.
Paste BehaviorsCtrl + V + Hover on Behavior⌘ + V + Hover on BehaviorUse the shortcut while object details are open to paste a behavior.
Delete BehaviorsBackspace or Delete + Hover on BehaviorBackspace or Delete + Hover on BehaviorUse the shortcut and hover the mouse over the behavior in the object details to delete it.
Deselect, Close View, Open MenuEscEscEscape button has multiple functions depending on the current context: deselect; close view; open menu.

Settings (Mouse Sensitivity etc.)

Some settings can be changed by editing the values in the configuration file that you will find after starting the app once at the following location:

OSFile directory
Windows%userprofile%\AppData\LocalLow\Soba Studios\Soba\config.txt
macOS:~/Library/Application Support/com.sobastudios.sobaworld.macos/config.txt

What can be changed:

  • Mouse Look Sensitivity
  • Mouse Wheel Zoom Speed
  • UI Scale
  • Master Volume
The app must be restarted for changes to take effect.

Known issues:

- At this point we’re not optimising a lot of the user interface (UI), we might do this at some later point.
- To drag a node reliably, you have to hold the mouse button down a short time before beginning to drag.
- To avoid losing progress avoid opening a project on both computer and phone at the same time.
- If you modified a game on one device and plan to continue working on another device later, make sure that the device with the changes is able to connect to the internet before switching to the other device, so changes can be uploaded to our cloud. Your other device will then download the changes when the app starts.
- The game can be quit by pressing the Escape key on the game discovery. Also on Windows you can always quit Soba with Alt + F4.
- Behaviors can only be copied and pasted within the same game.